Monday, June 12, 2006


Today is my first day back to work since the discussion on Thursday and it is not going well at all... LOL
I feel like crap and I have this overwhelming urge to be at home with my wife that words just can't describe. And the real bummer is that it is only two hours in to my twelve hours shift... *sighs*
I've been asked to work two days of overtime this week and have turned it down because Jess asked me not to work that much but I feel like I should take all the money I can get at this point.... Talk about a serious conflict of interests... LOL. But, as I told Jess this past week, she is more important then the money so I know I've made the right choice.
Well... Hopefully things will get better as the day progresses... I look forward to getting home and spending time with my family, though...

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