Wednesday, March 19, 2008

And now for something completely different!

That title is a bit of a lie, really, because here I am complaining once more...

Today’s topic of interest? Well... My career is a point of constant aggravation as one can gather from my previous posts but it got even worse today.

As of about 7:15am local time I was officially informed that most of the jobs here at my place of employment would be outsourced and that most of the workers would either be laid off or transitioned to a different company.

Now this may not sound so bad but the problems are that (1) they plan on doing all of this by May 4 and (2) they don’t know the details!

So now we all get to wait to find out our fates and no one is pleased as we are all unsure of our futures. I guess it’s time to ramp up the job search...