Wednesday, February 3, 2010

TV, The Saga Continues...

So here is the wonderful chat session I just had with LG regarding my broken television...

5:16 PM James: Hello Grant Smith. Welcome to LG Electronics! How may I provide you with excellent service today?
5:16 PM James: Welcome to LG Electronics, we appreciate you contacting us. How may I provide you with excellent service today?
5:17 PM Grant Smith: Hello. I'm here because I had a technician at my home today regarding my broken tv and he diagnosed the problem as an impact and said it wasn't covered under my warranty.
5:17 PM Grant Smith: I have a serious problem with this given that my tv has never been hit.
5:17 PM Grant Smith: And it is only 7 months old.
5:17 PM Grant Smith: I need this problem resolved, James.
5:19 PM James: I am sorry for the inconvenience this must have caused.
5:19 PM James: Let me see what I can do to assist you with this.
5:19 PM Grant Smith: Thank you, James.
5:21 PM James: Ok I was checking the technician notes, it seems like the TV has an impact and unfortunately this is not covered under warranty.
5:22 PM Grant Smith: Tes, but what I'm telling you is that my televeision has never been hit.
5:22 PM Grant Smith: It was fine when I went to bed and had this problem when I woke up.
5:22 PM Grant Smith: No one was near the tv to hit it.
5:23 PM Grant Smith: I don't know what caused the break but it needs to be fixed.
5:24 PM James: Yes it can definitely be fixed but unfortunately it is not going to be covered warranty.
5:24 PM Grant Smith: Well that's where we have the problem, James.
5:24 PM Grant Smith: The tv wasn't hit and it needs to be fixed.
5:24 PM Grant Smith: It is less than one year old.
5:24 PM Grant Smith: LG has given me the runaround on this for TWO WEEKS.
5:25 PM Grant Smith: This is not proper business, James.
5:26 PM James: I understand your point Mr Smith, but if the technician checked the TV and determined that it is an impact damaged, unfortunately this is not covered under the manufacturer warranty, At this point what I can do is provide you with one of our authorized service centers so they can do the service on this unit.
5:27 PM Grant Smith: Well, unfortunately, it wasn't impacted, so your tech is incorrect.
5:27 PM Grant Smith: And the price you're asking would get me a brand new tv from Wal Mart.
5:27 PM Grant Smith: That's ridiculous.
5:28 PM Grant Smith: This needs to be covered and, if you can't do this for me, I need to speak to someone who can.
5:32 PM James: I really wish I could do that, but there's no way that we can do if there are notes on the account by one of our technician. If you would like to speak to somebody else I'll be glad to transfer you.
5:33 PM Grant Smith: That would be wonderful as this is not at all right and makes me seriously reconsider my purchase of LG products...
5:33 PM James: Allow me just a moment while I transfer you.
5:34 PM Notice: James transferred Grant Smith to Stephanie.
5:34 PM Notice: Stephanie has joined the chat session.
5:34 PM Notice: James has exited the chat session.
5:34 PM Grant Smith: Hello, Stephanie. I hope you are well.
5:34 PM Stephanie: How can I help you?
5:34 PM Grant Smith: Can you see the conversation thus far?
5:35 PM Stephanie: Yes, I am looking at it.
5:35 PM Stephanie: When did the tech go to your house?
5:36 PM Grant Smith: Then you know my situation. I'm stuck with a 7-month old 1600 dollar television that broke over night almost two weeks ago and I'm being told that it magically got hit.
5:36 PM Grant Smith: He was here today, before noon EST.
5:36 PM Grant Smith: I was at work, but my wife dealt with him.
5:37 PM Stephanie: What did he tell your wife?
5:37 PM Grant Smith: He told my wife what is in his notes, that it is impact damage. However, it happened over night while everyone was in bed so there's no way it was impact damage.
5:38 PM Grant Smith: And this really needs to be taken care of.
5:38 PM Grant Smith: I just want my nice television to work again....
5:39 PM Stephanie: I understand how you feel, what I can do for you is another you to another technician for a second opinion.
5:39 PM Grant Smith: I've already wasted two weeks on this, thus far, Stephanie.
5:39 PM Stephanie: Sorry, to refer to another tech.
5:39 PM Grant Smith: And if he's just going to come out and say the same thing, there's no point.
5:40 PM Grant Smith: I've called, I've emailed in pics when the tech didn't show up the first time...
5:40 PM Grant Smith: I had to get ahold of LG AGAIN to schedule today's appointment...
5:40 PM Stephanie: I know that your time is valuable, but I am looking for a way to find a solution for you.
5:40 PM Grant Smith: This has been one mess after another.
5:40 PM Grant Smith: Having another tech come out and say it is impact damage isn't going to help me, though.
5:41 PM Grant Smith: I've been very straight-forward about this entire thing from day one.
5:41 PM Grant Smith: And all I've gotten from LG is a runaround.
5:41 PM Stephanie: I understand , how you feel and I am doing the best to assist you.
5:41 PM Stephanie: Why do you think the tech is going to say that?
5:42 PM Grant Smith: Because that's what it looks like. That's what I told the people when I initially made the warranty service claim.
5:42 PM Grant Smith: It looks like it was hit but there are no physical marks on the screen.
5:43 PM Grant Smith: And that was reason enough to ignore me the first time, apparently, because I had to call in after not getting a tech for a week.
5:43 PM Stephanie: Unfortunately, warranty only covers manufacturing defects.
5:44 PM Grant Smith: Well, I'd say that a cracked screen not caused by it being hit is a HUGE defect.
5:44 PM Grant Smith: That's why I want this covered.
5:44 PM Grant Smith: I'm not asking for a handout.
5:44 PM Grant Smith: I paid $1600 for this television 7 months ago.
5:44 PM Stephanie: What do you want us to do for you?
5:44 PM Stephanie: Where did you purchase it?
5:44 PM Grant Smith: I want this tv repaired.
5:44 PM Grant Smith: I bought it from
5:45 PM Grant Smith: I bought two, actually.
5:46 PM Stephanie: I understand, however it does not cover any type of cosmetic damage.
5:46 PM Stephanie: I really apologize that you are having this problem.
5:46 PM Grant Smith: This isn't cosmetic damage. The screen is broken.
5:47 PM Stephanie: Was it broken from the beginning?
5:47 PM Grant Smith: There are no marks on the outer screen... The inner screen is broken.
5:47 PM Grant Smith: No. If it was, I would've returned it.
5:47 PM Grant Smith: This happened overnight last week on the 25th.
5:48 PM Stephanie: Let me send you another technician, can you email me the picture?
5:48 PM Grant Smith: I've already emailed the pictures, but whatever... What's your email address?
5:49 PM Stephanie: my email address is

5:49 PM Grant Smith: There you go. You're welcome to send another technician but I just want my television fixed.
5:50 PM Stephanie: Let me see the picture first.
5:50 PM Stephanie: Then I will email you the information of another tech.
5:55 PM Grant Smith: Have you not received the images yet?
5:57 PM Stephanie: I just got it, I will send it to the techn ical support.
5:58 PM Grant Smith: OK... I've already done that once.... Last week... With Anouke Grannum.
5:59 PM Grant Smith: So what's it mean for you to do it?
5:59 PM Stephanie: Once I sent it to the tech, he will let me know and I will email it the answer with you.
6:00 PM Grant Smith: And what kind of timeframe are we talking? I need to get this resolved. This is NUTS.
6:01 PM Grant Smith: And what happens when I don't get a call AGAIN?
6:02 PM Stephanie: It should be within 24 to 48hours in order for me to email you.
6:03 PM Grant Smith: So, what you're telling me now is that I'm also going to miss the Superbowl because of LG, too? This is just wonderful, really...
6:03 PM Grant Smith: But, I appreciate your assistance.
6:05 PM Stephanie: I am sorry for the inconvenience.
6:06 PM Grant Smith: I just don't understand why this has to be so hard. I have a product in warranty that broke under no influence from the outside world. It should be repaired free under its warranty...
6:09 PM Stephanie: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
6:09 PM Grant Smith: I suppose not.
6:10 PM Grant Smith: By the way, it seems that the tech that came out today was given no notes whatsoever on the situation.
6:10 PM Grant Smith: Is that standard operating procedure?
6:11 PM Stephanie: They usually work different ways, once we do the review of your pictures, we will contact you.
6:11 PM Stephanie: It has been a pleasure to assist you today. Should you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us again. Thank you for choosing LG Electronics. We appreciate your business. Have a great day!
6:11 PM Grant Smith: 24 to 48 hours.... Thanks.

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Shadow said...

Yeah, I've seen the pics and could tell you the inner screen is cracked. So what'd you do, magically take the outer shell off to break the inner lcd and then put it back on just to get a free TV out of it?