Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I Just Don't Get It!

I really don't.... I go to school... I work my ass off... Yet every time I try to get ahead something goes wrong.
I'm talking about the 'Senior Customer Support Engineer' postion I applied for last week for those who did not know. I thought things were going well when after a single phone call that lasted for almost an hour I was asked to drive to Louisville, KY (from Martinsville, IN) to meet the hiring manager for lunch. I thought the job was in the bag when the manager stated that his next step was to speak to HR. Then, I almost cried when I got an email today saying:
"Hello Grant:
Sorry for the delay in responding. Since this requisition is posted for a Senior Customer Engineer position, I have decided I either need to fill it with someone who has additional experience, or reclassify the position to a Customer Service Engineer III, Core Customer Engineer position. Reclassifying it will also require re-posting the job.
Given the above, I am not yet ready to extend an offer. Thanks very much for your interest and for making the trip down from Indy. I will let you know if it gets reclassified and/or we have any openings for Customer Engineer I's or III's."
If experience was, in fact, an issue, why was I asked to drive 2 hours for lunch? Apparently, something went wrong at the interview but I can't figure what. Everything went very well in my opinion.
Alas, this seems to be the way it works for me. I've done this twice, now... Phone interview goes well... Face to face seems to go well but then I get let down. I guess I should just expect it...
Anyway... Enough whining...

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